Is Your Small Business Online? |

Nothing I can think of will make a small business grow faster than to bring it online with your own professionally designed website. The age of the Internet is upon us and business owners must adapt to this new form of advertising, or risk being left in the dust by their competitors.What are the common reasons business owners give when explaining why they still aren’t online?

“I don’t understand computers and the Internet”
“It is expensive to set up a business website”
“Our advertising budget is too small for that”
Well, let me dispel those myths right now.

Professional business websites can be designed, developed and run easily, without the business owner knowing a thing about computers or the Internet.
Small business websites are ridiculously inexpensive. For less than the cost of ONE MONTH of phone book advertising, a website can be designed. Then, it’s just about $25 per month to keep that website going. Considering the immense value and exposure a website offers, it’s the best deal going in advertising.
Your small business advertising budget will thank you for having an online presence. In addition to costing far, far less than print advertising, your new website will result in more customers and hence, more sales.
A small business website widens your exposure: And it doesn’t just increase it a little bit either – it increases it a lot!

If your business currently relies on referrals, word-of-mouth or personal recommendation, that’s not sufficient to get a wider client base. To really reach out and attract new customers, you have to widen your advertising net. Fortunately, a small business website does that easily and gets you world-wide exposure instantly!The internet connects people with your business whom you wouldn’t otherwise even make a connection.In today’s age, people own property and businesses in your town and they don’t even live there.If a landlord lives in another state and needs to have someone local fix something in a rental, do you think the landlord looks in your local phone book yellow pages? Of course not, the landlord “Googles it” and finds a local business online.

If you aren’t online, you lose out!A small business website also makes it possible to sell online.Online commerce is the fastest growing segment in the business community. Both goods and services can be sold online and having your own website makes that possible. Innovative clients of ours sell everything from spark plugs to slate pool tables online.The same thing applies to services: Doctors, lawyers, contractors, accountants, plumbers, mechanics and other professionals all advertise online.Don’t be left out, get your own small business website today!

Women in Business Online – Go From Good to Great With Your Information Products |

Creating information products is one of the quickest and easiest ways to showcase your expertise, grow your list and to start making money as a woman in business online.Every woman should have at least one information product. The must-have is a freebie (or “pink spoon” sample) that your website visitors can gain access to when they subscribe to your list.There are many benefits of having an information products revenue stream but I have to warn you…When it comes to researching HOW to create your info products proceed carefully because there are two schools of thought on this – one that can become a catalyst to your success and another that can damage your reputation…Tell me, have you ever heard this advice about creating information products:”Give your what and why for-free; Save your how for-fee”Jurassic advice like this may have worked in the past but today, our fans and followers want – and expect – MORE.

The questions I’m most often asked next are… “How do I give the how for free and still make money? How much of the how do I give?”The key is to give SOME of your how for free. A sampling. Not all of it. Not too much, and not too little.Here’s an example…My signature program has ten focus areas or modules.I can GIVE my audience a complete how-to that provides depth on one or two sub-topics without giving away the entire system.Sharing how-to advice gives your audience an opportunity to sample your expertise. It’s advice they can take action on immediately. When you provide logical how-to advice, your audience can see themselves implementing it. This builds trust in your ability to “close the gap” or in other words, your ability to help them get from where they are now to where they really want to be.Are you beginning to see why giving a snippet of complete how-to for-free is a better idea than dangling the “what and why” carrot?Here’s something else to think about…If your audience is reading your ebook, watching your video or listening to your teleclass – you’ve already convinced them that you have information that can be valuable to them. Giving only the what and why at this point is like trying to convince the convinced. It’s a pointless conversation bordering on insult.You know when you hear fluff versus great content, don’t you?Content-rich information products – for free or fee – stand miles and miles apart from non-content rich.I don’t know about you but I value my time. Time is precious. We live in an over-communicated, over-advertised world. I want to make my time count and that means I want to consume REAL content.Here’s how I consistently produce great content and operate in a no-fluff zone ~ I keep it REAL:Relevant: Relevant to your client promise – the transformation they experience as a result of working with you.

Exact: Great content is specific. It’s not general. Great content has depth rather than just scratching the surface.Applicable: Your audience must be able to apply the information almost instantly after they consume it.Leading: Your content must guide them and invite them to take “the next step” – i.e. purchase your system; hire you as their coach or consultant; attend your event; become a member.Action Step: Think about the difference you make for others and the process you use.What aspect of this bigger picture could you be giving to your audience as a complete how-to that has depth and allows them to experience your expertise in a way that builds trust in your ability to help them?Are you keeping it R.E.A.L.? Review your content – it’s never too late to revise.